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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vista and Server 2008 Service Pack 2 RTM

Microsoft has released Vista and Windows 2008 SP2 to manufactures today. The update will be in one installer file making it easier for network/system admins to deploy. Not such a big update as SP1 or Windows XP SP2. Basically a roll up from the last SP1 with the updates that came in between. Also Bluetooth 2.1 support (finally! 3.0 will be out later this year), Blueray burning, update to Windows Search, and easier WiFi configuration. I recommend to begin testing in your network soon to deploy once it is officially released. It is not on Technet or MSDN yet.


Office 2007 SP2 was also released without much press. I recommend installing and begin testing for corporate environment. Home and small business users should upgrade soon.


Firefox 3.0.10
Seems Mozilla Firefox is being patched quickly as of recently. Their latest update patches a few vulnerabilities. Definatly want to upgrade this.

While on the subject, what are some plugins you use on Firefox? I immediatly install X-Marks to get all my bookmarks synced. A nice blog on some hacker plugins was posted today and can be viewed here:

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