July 4th DDOS Revisited

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Remember the July US and South Korea DDOS Attacks I reported on back in July?

According to South Korea the attacks were launched from a Chinese IP leased to North Korea's Ministry of Post and Telecommunications. MSNBC reports North Korea source of DDOS and The Sydney Morning Heraldreport of South Korea Spy Chief blames North Korea and South Korea seeks Chinese help tracking DDOS all suggest two things:

1. North Korea was behind the attacks.
2. North Korea is preparing an army of cyber warfare.

If we remember back to July 4th, North Korea was immediately blamed for this attack. After real research and removing the FUD, Information Security Professionals determined this could not be confirmed. The most that I remember was 6 command and control machines in Europe with an expert suggesting the master server located in Britain. Now, somehow, South Korean Spy Chief reports it was the North? I want proof!

A quote I do believe is true from MSNBC: "South Korean media reported at the time that North Korea runs an Internet warfare unit that tries to hack into U.S. and South Korean military networks to gather confidential information and disrupt service, and that the regime has between 500 and 1,000 hacking specialists."

In other words, cyber warfare is real!

Thankfully, the US government is doing something about it:
MSNBC: Security center opens to battle cyber attack
TGDaily: US Government opens $9m Cyber Security Center

However, the US government alone is not enough! Everyone must be in on this. It begins with keeping your own computer secure, then your friends and families.

Till next time,
Jorge Orchilles


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