Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jorge Orchilles is now podcasting! I am co-hosting the SMB Minute podcast with Tim Krabec and Aaron. The SMB Minute podcast is aimed at the Small and Medium Business market. Whether you are the designated IT guy/gal or own your own business, this podcast will give you an insight of what is going on in the Information Technology/Systems/Security world. You can subscribe to it on iTunes and it will automatically sync with your iPod every week when the podcast is released. Season 2 will begin release this week.

These are other podcasts I listen to in no particular order:
SANS Audiocasts with John Strand
PaulDotCom Security Weekly
Exotic Liability
Social Engineer
Security Justice
The Hacker News Network
Network Security Podcast
Security Wire Weekly

And if you want to hear almost all of these people doing a podcast at ShmooCon 2010, check out the Podcaster's Meetup


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