IT Job Search Followup

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thanks to all the good feedback from my posts on resume tips, I want to provide a list of great job search tips and tricks. Lot's of links, figured if the work has already been done why reinvent the wheel. My opinion after each link.

Some preparation:
Top 10 tools for landing a better job. This is broad but good advice to get you started. Most of the advice is true. I like number 2 but there is more than just a blog to establishing a personal brand.
Wanting the job too much? Good advice to get you mentally stable and feet on the floor prior to going on the job hunt.
Avoid being scammed on the job hunt! Some of these tips are radical but should get you in the right mindset to not get scammed, especially with Craigslist.

So you have resume done and have gone through the basics, check out the best 5 sites for job hunting from Lifehacker. I would include on the list as well especially for the IT/IS professionals.

After you get an offer you want to negotiate your salary. This is one of the most important things right? Read the tips prior to the interview though so you don't mess up the negotiation.

Twitter users (and if you aren't on twitter get on it, follow me @jorgeorchilles):
How to find a job on Twitter
How to exchange business cards on Twitter

For the InfoSec job search:
Rob Fuller (mubix) did a great presentation for DojoSec titled "From Couch to Career in 80 hours." There is a video and slides only versions. I saw this one live and it was very educational. He then did a followup blog on the topic. I don't want to overlap his content as it is focused more on InfoSec.
Blackhat to Blacksuit. Haven't watched this yet but heard good feedback.
Finally a LOT of Security job advice.

Hope all this advice helps everyone out a bit more.

Edit: This podcast looks good: When your security career gets hacked.

Till next time,
Jorge Orchilles


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