To teach or not to teach?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I have been MIA due to work and the Masters program. I promise to start writing on the blog in a consistent matter. Recently I have been learning more and more about the Information Security world. I have joined ISSA South Florida and have applied for the South Florida Infragard chapter. I attended last weeks ISSA meeting and had a great time. We had two speakers give some good talks. One was on e readers and their security issues. The other was on malware analysis (very cool!).

Going to these talks I have been debating the idea of possibly teaching after I finish the Masters program in FIU. I consider myself a helpful person and think that teaching will be something I might like to do. Prior to making the jump into teaching I want to work a little more on my public speaking skills. I have decided to put together a talk on Wireless Security. This is a subject I have done a lot of research on personally and for a project in Telecommunications class. Once I get the talk ready I would like to ping some of the FIU professors or maybe even one of the SF organization and present there. This would give me a better feel for teaching and hopefully push me in the right direction.

On the note of FIU professors, I want to publicize an issue currently being faced by one of the best professors FIU currently has. Professor Faisal Kaleem has been in FIU for 12 years and he recently received a termination letter effective after the Spring 2010 semester. The reason given is unbelievable (I won't go into it). I have known Professor Kaleem for over 5 years. He is one of the main sponsors for the FIU MIS Club and an undergraduate and graduate professor for Telecommunications and Network Security classes. In the five years that I have been in FIU and known Prof. Kaleem I can confirm that he is one of the better professors in FIU's DIS department. His termination will not only affect the future undergraduate and graduate students but also the alumni and MIS Club. We have put a petition online to reinstate him please read and sign it if you are an FIU student! Once we have enough signatures we will be taking this to the department heads and directors and attempt to get him reinstated.

Till next time,
Jorge Orchilles


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